Cleanliness Has (Almost) All to Do with a Hotel’s Success

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When it comes to hotels, cleanliness is next to nothing else in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Great service can stick out in a person’s memory, but so can finding the hair a stranger left behind in the bathtub. If vacations are about making memories, what your customers remember most shouldn’t be the grime of their hotel’s bathroom sink or the coffee ring on their nightstand. Nothing should get in the way of your customer’s vacation, especially their experience in your hotel.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat Customer

Just because a visitor is in town temporarily doesn’t mean their business is short-lived. Customer loyalty counts for a lot in the hotel industry, and a bad first impression might mean there won’t be a chance to make up. The power of positive word of mouth, on the other hand, is better than 10 five-star ratings online. Though you might be able to do alright with your staff alone, a commercial cleaner leaves a lot less to chance, and because cleanliness is such a large part of customer satisfaction, professional attention to detail is key. Having a team of cleaning experts who you can trust to be in tune with the latest sanitation trends and have vast stores of professional experience, means you can concentrate on other ways to boost your business.

Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness

To be successful, a hotel can’t just coast on its proximity to a gorgeous coastline or its prime location in the heart of the city. A good location definitely doesn’t hurt. But when a tourist or a visitor retires to their room, the scent of the city still on their clothes or the beach still on the soles of their feet, the last thing they want is to experience the dirt and odors of the last person who rented their room. Nothing can beat a bed that’s been lived-in—so long as you’re the one who’s been living in it. If you can’t sleep in your own bed, though, the next best thing is one that’s fresh, like you just had it delivered. And whether home or abroad, fresh towels are always best.

Hard Work Shows, And Sometimes It’s Hidden

A lot of the hard work that goes into a business happens behind the scenes, and therefore, it goes unnoticed. Getting people to know that isn’t alway easy, but a clean hotel helps the overall impression of the labour that went into making their stay a pleasant one. Our team at Rocky Mountain Man Power can work behind the scenes to make you, and your hotel, look good.

You got into the hotel industry to provide people a home away from home. At Rocky Mountain Manpower, we provide the comfort of a clean living space. That’s where our passions and our occupations meet. We make it our business to improve yours.



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