The Upsides of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Rocky Mountain Manpower

It’s a debate you’ll have more than once in your adult life: Do you hire a professional or a greenhorn? Do you hire someone off of Craigslist or crack open the Yellow Pages? When it comes to keeping your business clean, you could hire a cleaning service or go with an individual, but what are the trade-offs when you go with a non-professional?

Don’t Keep All Your Cleaning Products in One Basket

Relying on one person to do a job means unforeseen sick days and cancellations, which is only natural and expected. Hiring a team, though, means you can be sure that when you set an appointment you can count on it being kept. Each of our team members also boasts more training in cleaning products, and which surfaces are safe to use them on, than any self-taught entrepreneur. While there are enough cleaning products to fill an entire aisle at the grocery store (and sometimes two), that’s nothing compared to the cleaning products and equipment available to a dedicated cleaning service. And you’ll never be on the hook for paper towels.

You’re Insured Against Damages

It happens to professionals and amateurs alike, even if seldomly: things break and people get injured on the job. The major difference is that most cleaning services are insured, which protects you as much as it protects them. When hiring a non-professional you could be on the hook should there be an accident, or left to cover the cost of any property damaged or lost. Maybe you can easily replaster that hole in the wall shaped tellingly like the tip of a broom handle. But replacing your fish tank and pulling up a third of your living room carpet can easily put you out a few hundred dollars. When you work with a professional Calgary cleaning team like Rocky Mountain Manpower, our insurance covers any damage to your property, and Alberta’s Workers Compensation Board (WCB) will protect any staff. So no matter what happens, you’re protected against damages.

Chances are that if you’ve decided to hire a cleaner for your office, you’re probably trying to make life a little bit easier. At Rocky Mountain Manpower, we reduce the load on your shoulders by taking care of everything: the cleaning and the liability. So stop sweeping and call us today.



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