Summer Break? Not for Custodians!

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School’s almost out. Freedom is so close that students and teachers across Canada can darn near taste it, but summer break isn’t coming for everyone. Our cleaning team is as ready to go as ever, and that’s good news for school boards. Because while the kids are gone, it’s time to get some serious cleaning done.

Start with a Plan.

Let’s be frank: today’s students aren’t the best at cleaning up after themselves. Microwaves have eight months of caked on food, desks have had moulding sandwiches stuffed in them for over a month, and let’s not even mention the lockers. If you’re responsible for getting an entire division of schools back into ship shape by September, you’re going to need help and a plan. How many schools need to be cleaned? How large is your cleaning force? How quickly do they need to clean each school in order to be done by labour day? If you’re responsible for getting the schools cleaned, then you know July and August are your only two precious months to get everything done before the students come rushing back sun tanned and (hopefully) excited to learn. Make sure you have the right Calgary cleaning team helping you.

Flag Maintenance Now.

There’s still a couple weeks until the kids are gone, but don’t put off starting your summer-cleaning action plan. Now is the best time to start flagging all the necessary maintenance and work that needs to get done. While stuff is sure to have piled up during the year, there’s also going to be tons of maintenance that’s just gone unreported. You may even want to ask teachers if their classroom needs any work. Perhaps some of the ceiling tiles are turning brown with water damage. Even if the roof isn’t leaking into the classroom below, that’s a problem worth investigating before it gets worse.

You won’t start the noisy maintenance until exams are finished and the kids are gone, but if you find the problems now, you won’t be wasting any of your precious summer months with the paperwork. Finally, once August rolls around and all that maintenance is done, have your trusted team of Calgary cleaners handle the post-construction clean up. That way you can feel confident your hallways will be shining and freshly waxed for the kids.

Calgary sure has a lot of school, colleges, and universities. And they can all benefit from getting maintenance and a thorough cleaning done during the quieter summer months. Our team of professional cleaners can help you get through your backlog, so everything is perfect for the first day of school. Book an appointment with us today to see how we can help you.



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