Keeping Floors Perfect

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Whether you’re responsible for a dance studio, gymnasium, or shopping mall, keeping floors perfectly clean is important. While this may be especially true for places where kids (and adults) are more likely to spend a lot of time sitting on the floor, malls and schools with constant foot traffic also need to keep on top of their floors. No one wants to shop in a dirty store or study in a dirty school, and it’s hard to insist your students take pride in their institution if they don’t see the administration doing so.

Set a Budget.

We understand that school boards and malls aren’t made of money. That means you’re going to have to set a budget that’s high enough to keep your floors clean, but low enough not to be a problem in the long-term. Perhaps that means letting your own custodians take care of most of the work, but having a professional team come, polish, wax, and perfect the floors once a week. Or, if you notice an increase in clients thanks to the care and cleanliness, perhaps you’ll find it’s worth investing in a great Calgary cleaning team for the everyday care too.

Prioritize Important Areas.

Entrances and bathrooms are two of the most important areas to have looking perfectly pristine all day long. Of course, they’re also the two areas most likely to get messed up by clients or students throughout the day. Whether you hire a professional cleaning team to work on your building after-hours every night or just once a week, you’ll need to let them know what your priorities are. Of course, with a large budget and enough team members, your Calgary cleaners should be able to finish everything — not just the most important areas.

Book your Professional Cleaning Team.

You’re a busy person, and you have better things to do than interview, hire, train, and supervise a bunch of employees who’d rather be anywhere else. Instead, leave the cleaning and management to us. Our team has earned a reputation for great work across Calgary, so you can trust that any task you set to us will be done right. If you want sparkling, freshly waxed floor each morning, we can make it happen.

Are you tired of chasing after employees? Want to have a perfect floor with none of the fuss? Then call in the expert Calgary cleaning team at Rocky Mountain Manpower! We promise that our professional team will keep your office clean and you happy.



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