3 Things to Think of When Planning a Cleaning Routine

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Most businesses won’t get off the ground without a good plan, but keeping your business up and running also means having a plan for keeping your floors clean. Maybe your place of business doesn’t need constant maintenance, or you don’t have pressing health concerns with your countertops because you don’t run a kitchen. But whether you own a deli or a dormitory, you’re going to need a cleaning regiment. Here are a few things to consider.

The Cost of Clean.

The first thing you have to ask yourself before drawing up a cleaning budget is what will the cost be of not cleaning? If you’re running a hospital, the cost will almost certainly be higher than a convenience store. But a failure to clean up Aisle 3 could easily land a customer in the hospital, so what’ll that cost you? Plus, you’re not going to have a chance to satisfy your customers with your stellar service and fantastic products if they’re turned away at first sight by grungy floor tiles and mud-streaked carpets. Though they might technically be under your employ, your staff won’t last long either if you leave the common area unclean for their lunch break.

Timing is… Everything!

Watching paint dry wouldn’t be so boring if it went by in a flash. Drying anything takes time, and if you can’t afford to have your main entrance off-limits for even a minute during peak traffic, best plan accordingly. Sometimes that means cleaning on weekends or after hours, but if you work somewhere where there’s always a light on, you’re going to have to prioritize and do what you can—whenever that is.

The Right Tools for the Job

Not all surfaces can handle the same cleaning products, and they don’t all require the same kind of cleaning either. What keeps your counters sparkly might damage the finish on your floors, and an expensive chemical solution might be wasted in the wrong place, so keep an inventory of what products are used where—and why. For example, does the floor need to be vacuumed before it’s washed? Does it need a buff after it’s been scrubbed? Can it be done by hand, or does it need a powerful tool? How old are the floors and what kind of state are they in, and does that make them especially vulnerable to further wear and tear? This documentation is a necessary part of keeping everything clean and in good shape. After all, good intentions don’t pay for repairs.

That should be enough to get you started, but if you need help coming up with a plan that fits your particular needs or if your cleaning routine could use a whole lot of help, call the expert Calgary cleaning team at Rocky Mountain Manpower!



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