Everything You Need to Know About Floor Refinishing

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Buildings and floors here in Alberta might not be as old as some you could find out East, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get out of refinishing your floor. Customers are constantly in and out with dirty shoes that grind grime and pebbles into your floor with every step. Businesses that experience a high level of foot traffic are inevitably going to find their floor worn out and in need of refinishing. Because of the time consuming and labour intensive nature of refinishing, this service is often expensive, so it’s important that the job is done well the first time. Here’s what you need to know.

Clean. Clean. Clean.

Once your floor has been stripped, it’s vital to have it in perfect condition before applying the new finish. Any forgotten grain of sand, any dust bunnies or fuzzies, any streak of mud will forever be a part of your floor. So whether you decide to scrub your floor yourself or hire a professional team to get everything perfect, this is not a step to take lightly. Once the floor is immaculate, give it plenty of time to dry. Finally, you’re ready to apply the first coat of finish.

The Right Tools for the Job.

Refinishing your floor as efficiently as possible is important for all business owners. But having a great floor that shines and is beautiful is the whole point of refinishing in the first place. Choosing the right tools will help you achieve these ends. First, purchase a high quality microfiber mop to apply the finish. Other mops collect lint, and they tend to spread thicker layers of finish. These sloppy, thick layers use more finish, take longer to dry, and just don’t shine as well. A microfiber mop will allow you to coat your floor in a thin, even layer, and it will easily reach into every corner and nook. You’ll also want to choose a new generation floor finish. These finishes dry faster (15-20 minutes rather than 30-60 minutes), and they don’t require seal.

Do the Job Right.

Once your floor is stripped and clean, you’ll begin applying finish. Your first task is to “cut” the edge of the floor. Begin at the furthest point from the entrance, and apply a layer of finish along the edge of the floor (next to the baseboards). Work towards the door. Remember that the shine of your floor is dependent on having many thin layers of finish. In general, we suggest at least two coats to create a foundation, then add as many as six coats to get a true, beautiful shine. Between each coat, you’ll have to let the floor dry completely.

Testing whether the finish has dried is easy! Simply stick a piece of tape to the floor in an inconspicuous area. Rip it off quick, and see if any finish comes with it. A dry finish will leave the tape clean.

Finally, remember that the middle of a hall or room will have a lot more foot traffic than the edge. That means, over time the finish in the middle of your floor will get worn down much, much faster. Eventually, this will lead to “edge buildup.” To counter this, apply just a single “cut” of finish around the edge of the room for every three coats applied to the traffic areas.

Refinishing a floor can be a stressful pain in the neck, but it doesn’t have to be. By choosing to work with a professional team, you can let the refinishing be someone else’s problem. Just go home on friday and come back to a perfect floor Monday morning. Contact the Calgary cleaning experts at Rocky Mountain Manpower today to learn more about keeping your floors in great shape.



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