Why Does Green Cleaning Matter?

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Since the dawn of houses and temples in the ancient world, there have been people trying to figure out how to keep human space’s clean. We’re fortunately to live in a time when even the most busy adults can manage to keep their homes tidy and clean. Our modern world offers hundred of cleaning products and methods to make keep our spaces spick and span easier than ever. And if you’re struggling to scrub a stove or wall, the internet almost certainly has an answer or five for you to try. But with knowledge and choice comes responsibility, and that’s why we’d like to talk about green cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals.

At Rocky Mountain Manpower, we use chemicals everyday. One of our favourite chemicals is dihydrogen oxide commonly referred to as water. So, we just want to say right off: we’re not scared of the word “chemical” and we think science is great. However, sometimes the products that scientists have created for people in the past have serious unintended side effects… like refrigerants that destroy the ozone layer or pesticides that kill peregrine falcon chicks. It can be hard — even impossible to guess all the possible effects a product might have when it escapes into the environment. That’s why green cleaning advocates for using biodegradable products and cleaning solutions that have been studied specifically for how they react with the environment. We suggest asking your cleaner if their green cleaning products have a third party certificate of endorsement such as Green Seal or EcoLogo.

Biodegradable and Sustainable Materials.

That trash-mountain in the middle of the ocean isn’t getting any smaller. Like washing grimy food particles down the drain, throwing out the trash has an almost magical property to it. You put your garbage bag into a black container, and by the end of the week, the trash has vanished. It’s so conveniently taken away that it can be hard to remember that it’s not really gone. That garbage still exists somewhere, and it won’t really disappear for a very long time. Scientists estimate that the typical grocery bag that so many of us use four or five of each week will take around 1000 years to decompose. That’s a guess. The plastic bag hasn’t been invented for long enough for them to know for sure; it could take even longer.

What we’re trying to get at is the one-use plastic utensils (that seem so convenient when you have party guests) and the single-use mop sheets (that make washing the floor so simple) don’t just disappear when you throw them out. Instead of choosing disposable, one-use products, try to choose washable, cloth alternatives that can be used again and again for a decade. These products require less manufacturing and produce less waste.

If your only measure of success is sanitation and tidiness, conventional cleaning works great. But the Calgary cleaning experts at Rocky Mountain Manpower have higher standards than that. Perfect sanitation married to conscious environmental stewardship is the only way to do business in today’s cleaning world. We choose to be a part of the solution. Join us; call Rocky Mountain Manpower today at (403) 375-9980.



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