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Tastes change and fads become the subject of idle fascination by those young enough not to remember them. But there will always be a time and need for basic household cleaning products. Finding ways to stand out, then, becomes crucial if you don’t want to get lost in a sea of soaps and scrubbers, especially if consumers already make their minds up at age 11 about what kind of dish soap they want to buy for the rest of their lives. Here are just a few examples identified by researchers at Smithers Apex.

The Performance.

No one wants the job of cleaning the staff and customer toilets, so the quicker a product can help employees get it done and the longer their hard work lasts, the more customer loyalty you can expect in return: after all, you’re the one that cut their toilet-cleaning time in half.

The Cost.

Not every business has the same standards when it comes to maintaining a sterile environment as, say, NASA, or an enormous budget allocated to meet those standards. For some a quick spritz and a wipe will do, while others demand nothing except an extinction-level event for all bacteria in their restaurant. Clearly these different businesses will have very different needs and budgets, but sourcing of cheaper ingredients and finding innovative ways to produce cleaning products for lower costs will still help to curry favour with cost-conscious consumers. Also keep in mind the way products are packaged and sold in stores. When businesses budget their expenses day-by-day, selling products in smaller portions allows customers to buy only what they need in their immediate future. Inversely, the manager of a giant department store may want the largest container of floor cleaner available.

The Environment.

Paying low prices for greater luxury won’t make all customers happy if there’s even a suggestion that it has a negative effect on the environment. Nowadays, most cleaning products are required to meet certain standards by law, but products that boast sustainable sourcing of materials, such as those made from renewable plant oils, have an advantage in appealing to the environmentally-minded. Biodegradability is also a factor to consider, as chemicals like sodium tripolyphosphate in conventional cleaners are thought to lead to algae blooms that blight waterways and remove the fun out of skinny-dipping. With the boom in eco-lodging, hotels may find their guests really appreciate a dedication to environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

The Look. The Feel.

Whether you run a restaurant or just provide customers with a small washroom, stains and residue from cleaning supplies won’t cut it. The look and finish of your windows and entryway matter, and they’ll contribute to whether your clients believe you care about the details. Choose your cleaning products wisely though. While you may find the light scent of lavender refreshing, a customer with a sensitive nose (perhaps because of morning sickness) or an allergy to the flower may end up turning around before they’ve even grabbed a basket.

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