Flu Season: How to Stop the Spread of Illness in your Office

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School is in session, so for those of us without kids that means only one thing: flu season is coming. And whether you run a small restaurant or a massive oil corporation, the last thing you need is staff calling in sick — or worse, coming into work and contaminating your whole office. You’re the boss, so it’s up to you to help your employees to stay healthy and to avoid catching a cold or flu at work. We’re here to help.

Sanitize Everything.

The viruses that cause the common cold and influenza can live a long time on hard surfaces. Doorknobs, tabletops, shopping cart handles — all of these can remain contaminated for up to 24 hours. Just touching these surfaces is enough for the virus to spread to your employees finger tips. Encourage your employees to wash their hands often, and ask them to disinfect their station after they’ve finished work for the day. To further reduce sickness, when your business is closed for the night, have an expert cleaning team scrub and wash everything. Meeting rooms and other public spaces may be forgotten by your staff, but our team will be armed with sanitizing spray and ready to wipe every nook and cranny!

Offer Water and Flu Shots.

For employees who have kids, it may be impossible to avoid these viruses completely. Make sure clear fluids like water and tea are freely available at all times. Staying hydrated will help your employees fight off the virus before they get ill. Remember, flu shots are widely available to Albertans for free or nominal prices. If your business is large enough, see if a nurse will come by for an hour to two to inoculate your staff. Alternatively, allow your staff to leave a couple hours early on your least busy day. If they can bring you proof they went to get their flu shot during these hours off, pay them for their time.

Call in the Experts!

During the winter months, many Calgary businesses like restaurants and shopping centres see an increase in customers. Albertans are busy shopping for presents for the holidays and are spending extra time with family and friends. Instead of wasting your valuable staff on trying to keep up with the extra grime and muck, invest in commercial cleaning for the next few months.

We’re experts at cleaning all types of flooring and preventing road salt from causing damage. Plus, you’ll be surprised at how big of a difference a skilled, professional cleaning team will really make! Furniture, equipment, partitions, and walls will be thoroughly dusted, and sinks, toilets, and countertops will be disinfected and cleaned. Your floors will look as good as new, and we will replenish supplies in restrooms and break rooms as you request. We’ll also empty trash and recycling, and report any potential safety issues to you.

Flu season may be hitting Alberta hard, but it doesn’t need to hit your business. With a little bit of planning, preventing the flu isn’t just feasible: it’s easy. Let us help! Call us today at (403) 375-9980 to learn more about our commercial cleaning services.



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