A Uniquely Canadian Cleaning Problem: Salt on Floors

Rocky Mountain Manpower

When it comes to winter in Calgary, business owners can assume a few things: terrible traffic on the way to work and road salt all over their floors. Now salt is pretty amazing stuff. It helps to keep roads and sidewalks a little safer for all of us. Unfortunately, as employees and clients trudge in with their boots soaked in salted slush and snow, that chemical mess gets all over your floor. And, regardless of whether your business has chosen carpet or hard flooring, that’s going to cause some problems.

Implement a Matting System.

Did you know that over 80% of the dirt and residues you find on your floor is directly from people who have just come in from outdoors? Almost all of that dirt is deposited in the entryway and then dragged throughout the house by pets and other people. This means a good way to eliminate that 80% of muck is a good matting system at the entrance to your home or business. Mats should be rubber backed to avoid slipping and easy to clean. The first mat, right at the door, should be a coarse scraper mat. The rough texture dislodges and traps dirt and snow from shoes. Next, use a long, wide mat with a high thread count. This mat will be responsible for trapping the majority of snow, water, and salt. The bigger the mat, the less muck will get tracked in past the entrance. Vacuum the mats daily.

Prevent Stains.

Similar to table salt, road salt usually dries white. Most Canadians are familiar with the annoying, white, rough texture road salt leaves on pants and boots alike. And similarly, where salt has reached your floors, you’ll likely see white streaks of staining. These stains affect all flooring types, but fortunately the white streaks aren’t permanent — if seen to quick enough. A wet-dry vacuum in the hands of a professional cleaning team will help to keep your floors free of damage, but there are also some DIY methods using a vinegar-water solution available for your home or car.

Keep Hardwood Dry.

If you’ve chosen hardwood floors for your office, you’ll have to take extra care to keep the floors safe all winter long. Hardwood flooring is particularly vulnerable to moisture — melting snow from boots is more than enough to cause damage, and road salt can actually damage the finish of your floor as well. Leave the white, salt streaks too long, and you’ll likely find your floor has lost much of its old shine. An effective matting system is necessary to protect wood floors.

If there’s one thing that unites Canadians, it’s complaining about snow, cold, and icy roads. Don’t let road salt damaging your floors be something you have to complain about. Hire the talented cleaners at Rocky Mountain Manpower to keep your floors safe from moisture and salt all winter long. Call us today!



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