Get Your Office Ready for Winter with These Cleaning Tips

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The days are getting just a bit shorter and our jackets are getting just a bit thicker. We all know what this means: Winter is coming. While there is still sunshine in the sky and leaves on the trees, prepare your office for the colder months. Here are some things to consider and preventative measures to take BEFORE winter hits to ensure your staff stays healthy and happy this coming season.

Before your staff get to their desks.

Calgary winters can get dangerous in parking lots and on sidewalks. Consider keeping a bucket of salt, a broom and a shovel by the entrance. Do this before the snow starts getting packed. That way you can make sure to break up any ice patches before they cause any harm. Change those burnt-out bulbs you’ve been avoiding and clean the light fixtures. This is to ensure your entrance is well-lit for those dark mornings and evenings. High visibility is key to moving around safely!

Clean those Windows!

Have you ever thought about how your windows affect your air quality? During those cold months we tend to lock up the windows and gather more indoors. Those dirty windows will just get dirtier. Not only will this look unprofessional, but the collected dust can negatively affect the health of your staff and clients. Make sure to give those windows a good thorough cleaning, inside and out.

Prep those floors!

Making sure your floors are cleaned properly improves air quality AND improves safety conditions by eliminating slush, dirt and bacteria. Whether you have carpet or cement or anything in between, each flooring type requires a different set of considerations for proper care. Make sure to incorporate the proper care routine unique to your office setup. Colder months mean more dirt and salt are tracked into your office and likely more foot traffic to boot. If floors are not thoroughly cleaned before winter goes into full swing, wear and tear could be damaging and dangerous.

Spring shouldn’t be the only time for a good clean. It is incredibly valuable to your company to invest in a solid, thorough autumn cleaning. Preparing for winter doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Follow these simple tips and remember: we are here to help you every step of the way!



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