The Importance of Clean Windows During Winter

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Did you know that one of the most important aspects of health and comfort in a commercial space is its windows? That’s right, windows effect more than just the amount of light that shines through them, especially during the winter months. Window-cleaning can often be last on the to-do list, but here are just a few reasons why regular cleaning is important for your business:

It just doesn’t look good.

Windows significantly affect the way visitors perceive the credibility of a business. Clients that come through your business subconsciously make judgement calls throughout their experience. If the first thing they see is dirty windows, you can bet those calls won’t be positive. Dirty windows aren’t great from the inside either. Winter in Calgary means shorter days and less sunlight. Cutting down on that sunlight because it just can’t shine through is not good for you or your employees. After you clean the windows, you’ll be surprised how much sunshine gets through!

Dirty windows decrease heat efficiency.

Ever wonder why your energy bill always skyrockets once December hits? It may not just be the snow effecting those numbers. It could be your dirty windows. Dirt particles on the surface and in the pores of the glass reflect more UV light away, preventing the sun from warming up your office during the Winter months. Winter is already full of unexpected expenses, having your windows cleaned is a small task that can make a big difference in your pocket book at the end of the month.

Poor air quality.

Winter means that our office space gets locked down against the cold. This keeps the freezing air out, but it also keeps contaminants in. Ventilation systems are much less efficient when they can’t access the outside air as much. Debris and dust trapped on the inside will keep recirculating. With each pass, surfaces will attract more and more dust to the point where the build-up can be seen on your windows. If that build-up isn’t cleaned, it will keep being distributed throughout the office.

Although windows should be attended to all year round, it is especially important in winter. It’s clear to see that these factors are best improved with thorough cleaning. We can provide you with detailed service specific to your needs to ensure that your windows are in tip top shape!



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