Could Your Office Use A Deep Spring Cleaning?

Rocky Mountain Manpower

It’s that time of year when we want to sweep off the dust that’s settled over the winter and make way for spring. But dust isn’t the only thing that has collected in your office. Here are three warning signs that you’ll want to bust the grime ASAP:

Your office seems drab and you can’t quite put your finger on why.

You probably don’t need new potted plants to spruce up the office – all you may need is a good, thorough clean. You’ve seen it; the dirt buildup in the windowsills, the fingerprints on the scanner, the pebbles encrusted in the carpet. Whether you have five or fifty people filtering in and out of your workspace, all of those people are seeing the same thing. Shift their view away from the dirty windows and back to your excellent services and products with a deep clean.

The office cleaning supplies cabinet looks like it could supply the whole city.

If you find your cabinets filling up with supplies but your office isn’t any cleaner, it’s time for a deep clean. It may look like you have what you need to keep your office in tip-top shape, but you’re just spending money on the light cleaning duties. Allowing light cleaning to become the sole method means that the heavier stuff may have gotten away on you. Things like dirt-packed carpets and grime-coated windows will not be solved with a little dusting. Investing in a regular deep clean will cut down on shorter, less-intense cleaning tasks.

Flu season is over but your employees keep calling in sick.

How many people are in your office every day? How many people are touching the doorknobs, the keyboards, and the printers? The restroom isn’t the only place that germs build up. Public surfaces are havens for bacteria to grow and pass along to the next unsuspecting victim. Along with this, it is allergy season outside. If you don’t thoroughly clean the dust and possible mould build-up, it could be allergy season inside your office too. Combine all those elements and it’s no wonder your workers aren’t coming in to the office! Give your employees some relief and do a deep clean.

If any of these look familiar to you, it’s time for that clean! We offer a wide range of services to target and eliminate the germs and dirt that can spread quickly through an office. When you’re ready to take the next step, call Rocky Mountain manpower today!



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