Could a Dirty Office be Hurting Your Company’s Reputation?

Rocky Mountain Manpower

We know that cleaning the office is last on the priority list. You’ve got clients to meet and audits to run! But did you know that neglecting your office hygiene could be affecting your bottom line? Taking that extra step in ensuring the presentation and cleanliness of your business is just as top notch as your customer service and product quality, could be the difference between a good business and a great one. Here are a few warning signs that your unkempt office is affecting your company’s reputation:

Tasks seem to be taking longer and longer to accomplish?

You’re not imagining it. The workload coming out of your office is decreasing and it’s not even the slow season. If your productivity seems to be on the decline with no fiscal causation, it may just be as simple as a dirty office. Several studies over the years have shown that morale is lower when workspaces are messy, disorganized, and dirty. Lower morale means lower productivity. Our human brains are wired to be more useful in brighter, cleaner, more open spaces.

Your employees keep calling in sick.

Looking around, you notice that your office seems empty, but your inbox is full of emails from employees requesting time off for sick leave. Your employees notice it, too, and so do your clients. Commonly used spaces and surfaces, like countertops and printers, collect germs and bacteria. Without a good sanitization, those surfaces will continue to collect and transfer all of that gross stuff to your employees and increase their chances of falling ill. Sick employees mean that you have less staff to get work done.

Your clients aren’t sticking around.

If your customers are always in a hurry, it may not be their hectic schedule sending them out the door. A messy or dirty space will send the message that you don’t care about your workspace. If you don’t care about your workspace, how much care and attention will you pay to your clients? Poor impressions are incredibly damaging in the business world. Let your customers focus on your business by keeping up appearances. Investing in a professional cleaning company, or even just instilling a regular cleaning routine could save you loss of business due to bad impressions.

If your office is showing any of these signs, it’s a good idea to start thinking about cleaning. Small changes can make the world of difference. Here at Rocky Mountain Manpower, we are happy to help you get your office in tip top shape! Give us a call today for our services and rates!



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