Why Do I Need a Cleaning Company for Post-Construction?

Rocky Mountain Manpower

Your crew has finished a project and they are ready to celebrate! But wait, the place is a mess. No client would accept materials and debris left in their newly-built space. This needs to be cleaned up! That’s where the professionals like Rocky Mountain Manpower come in. Bring us in and we will be saving you time and stress, allowing you to take the crew for drinks instead of keeping them on-site unnecessarily. Here are three major reasons that you should be hiring a professional cleaning company for your post-construction clean up:

Safety and knowledge where it counts.

For professional cleaning companies like Rocky Mountain Manpower, safety is central to our business. This mindset manifests in two ways:

  1. The use of specialized and non-toxic cleaning materials. By using specialized vacuums to clean furniture and upholstery, a cleaning company will ensure that all the debris disappears before your client ever sees the newly finished space. Using non-toxic materials means that nothing will be damaged, which includes everything from flooring to lungs.
  2. The proper removal of hazardous materials. Construction sites can often reveal hazardous materials that can pose a danger to the tenants of the space. Professional cleaners know how to identify and remove these materials so that they don’t become a problem.

The dust is in the details.

Although your crew is probably trying their best not to create a mess as the build goes on, dust and debris will get into ductwork and layer on the windows. This will not only be hard on people with allergies or respiratory illnesses, but also negatively impact the HVAC system. Ignoring the dust will cause issues that could be costly and stressful down the road. Investing in a professional cleaning company will eliminate these risks and make the new space sparkle and shine.

Spend a little. Save a lot.

You know that it’s important to put people in the roles where they will excel the most. Making an electrician build framing will slow down the process considerably and risk the quality of work being done. Similarly, your crew has been trained how to build things, not clean them. Save time and money by putting the expertise where it counts. That means that a professional cleaning company is your best bet for getting the job done right.

If you’ve recognized that a professional cleaning company is the smartest choice for your post-construction clean-up, give Rocky Mountain Manpower a call today at 403-375-9980!



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