Three Signs That Your Floor Needs Professional Care

Rocky Mountain Manpower

Flooring is the part of your business that gets the most wear-and-tear over time. Between high traffic and losing battles with gravity, your floors takes a lot. In order to keep those surfaces at their best, it’s important to know when it’s time for a little bit of loving from a professional cleaning company. Here are three signs that you should be picking up the phone and calling us:

That shine is fading and something else is showing.

Have you noticed that the edges of your hardwood, closest to the walls is still glossy, but the middle is scuffed and dull? Is your carpet starting to fray and pill? Then your flooring is in need of a check-up. Repetitive use grinds dirt and debris into hard and soft surfaces alike, making in depth cleaning a necessity. On top of a worn-down look, you may also notice a lingering smell. If that doesn’t go away with regular cleaning it’s definitely time to call in the professionals.

You’re strategically placing your furniture on top of stains and cracks.

We’ve all done it before. Under the guise of re-arranging the office feng shui we’ll sneak that couch over a few inches to cover the coffee stains. Eventually you are going to run out of furniture and finally have to admit that your office needs a deep cleaning. Cracked or dented floor surfaces will need immediate attention so that mold and mildew doesn’t begin to grow.

You’re not walking on an even surface anymore.

If you’ve noticed that you’re adjusting your footing as you cross the floor, you’ve definitely left the floor maintenance too long. In order to keep the quality of your flooring as excellent as possible, it’s important to engage in routine, interim, and restorative floor care. Neglecting these will only lead to unsightly surfaces and even more unsightly costs. If your floor is showing signs of damage, such as warped or bent floorboards, hire the professionals!

If any of these sound like your office or work space, then you need to call Rocky Mountain Manpower today! Not only will we fix whatever needs fixing now, we will sit down with you to create a custom floor-care plan to make sure that your floor stays in top shape for years to come!



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