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Commercial Cleaning

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Commercial Cleaning

If your commercial space is in need of cleaning, Rocky Mountain Manpower can make it happen for you. Almost every aspect of operating a business, whether it’s an office, storefront, or other enterprise, can be affected by issues in cleanliness and maintenance. You’d be surprised by how significantly you can improve and sustain workplace morale with a clean and comfortable environment!

Our Daily Tasks

Our staff will cover all of the most important aspects of commercial maintenance on a daily basis. Furniture, equipment, partitions and walls will be thoroughly dusted, while sinks, toilets, countertops, and other bacteria-prone surfaces will be disinfected and cleaned. Your floors will be swept, vacuumed and mopped to look as good as new. We will replenish supplies in restrooms and break rooms as per your requirements, empty trash and recycling, report any potential safety issues to you, and more.

The Importance of Clean Windows…

One highly important aspect of health and comfort in a commercial space is its windows. Dust on the inside can affect air quality, while residue on the outside can affect presentability. These factors are best improved with thorough cleaning. We can provide you with detailed service for a variety of window sizes and types, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you need!

…And Clean Carpets

There’s a lot of foot traffic in a given workday, and this inevitably means dirty carpeting. Small forms of debris from the outside, and the bacteria they carry with them, can build up quickly before you know it. Our ability to apply the highest quality equipment and materials is second to none, so you can count on us to keep your floors as healthy and fresh as possible.


Ready to Get Started?

Improving the cleanliness of your commercial interior is easier than you think. We strive to be as responsive and communicative as possible, providing you with a first-class cleaning in accordance with all of your requests. Get in touch with us today and we’ll schedule a viewing to get an idea of what is needed to bring them back to their best potential state. For us, it’s all about helping to make your work environment a pleasant, sanitary space for all!

Our Other Services Include:

Professional Floor Care

Each flooring type requires a different set of considerations for proper care. Rocky Mountain Manpower has the resources, skill, and dedication necessary to cover many, including vinyl, VCT, and cement. It’s the part of your interior that receives the most regular and extensive wear, so it’s highly important to optimize longevity and keep those floors in great shape!

Hotel & Motel Housekeeping

It takes a lot to maintain a clean and comfortable hotel or motel. When it comes to hospitality, efficient and comprehensive janitorial service is indispensable for keeping your guests happy.  Equipped with a skilled housekeeping team and all of the finest tools for the job, Rocky Mountain Manpower is committed to helping you maintain a truly comfortable indoor environment so that everyone can enjoy their stay.

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction and renovation can mean many things. For one, it will mean a fresh look and a new start, but this will almost always come with a mess. Among our many other services, Rocky Mountain Manpower excels in post-construction cleaning. When we’re done, the results we deliver will put your mind at ease and finalize all that hard work with a polished look!




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