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Post Construction Cleaning

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Post Construction Cleaning

Construction and renovation can mean many things. For one, it will mean a fresh look and a new start, but this will almost always come with a mess. Among our many other services, Rocky Mountain Manpower excels in post-construction cleaning. When we’re done, the results we deliver will put your mind at ease and finalize all that hard work with a polished look!

A Timely Response

For a business, the time you spend closed is money lost. At Rocky Mountain Manpower, we understand this better than most, as we work tirelessly to respond in a timely and efficient manner. If you’re in need of emergency cleanup after renovations or construction, we can be there as quickly as you need us to, performing a professional cleanup and having your business ready for re-opening before you know it!

Dirty Work

From larger, more complicated projects to small changes, any kind of work will likely result in leftover materials, dust, dirt, paint splatter, and miscellaneous debris. Your average construction or renovation crew won’t be too concerned with cleaning up the job site, so you can’t always count on the place being in presentable condition once the main work is finished. This is why it can make all the difference to bring in a team that is specialized in seeking out all the leftover effects of construction.


Turnkey Condition

First impressions are everything. Establishing the right level of comfort and cleanliness after construction is critical. This is why the transitional phase to finalization should be treated as one of the most important moments in the lifespan of your space. In order to make sure things are truly in turn key condition, we will ensure that every last detail is accounted for.

The Finishing Touches

Remodeling a kitchen or expanding an office building can take a lot of time and effort. It’s our goal to help make it all worthwhile in the end. If you’re planning on having some work done, no matter what kind, getting in touch with us is the perfect way to find out how we can help with cleanup. That perfect, finished look is well within reach, you just need the right team!

Our Other Services

Commercial Cleaning

If your commercial space is in need of cleaning, Rocky Mountain Manpower can make it happen for you. Almost every aspect of operating a business, whether it’s an office, storefront, or other enterprise, can be affected by issues in cleanliness and maintenance. You’d be surprised by how significantly you can improve and sustain workplace morale with a clean and comfortable environment!

Professional Floor Care

Each flooring type requires a different set of considerations for proper care. Rocky Mountain Manpower has the resources, skill, and dedication necessary to cover many, including vinyl, VCT, and cement. It’s the part of your interior that receives the most regular and extensive wear, so it’s highly important to optimize longevity and keep those floors in great shape!

Hotel & Motel Housekeeping

It takes a lot to maintain a clean and comfortable hotel or motel. When it comes to hospitality, efficient and comprehensive janitorial service is indispensable for keeping your guests happy.  Equipped with a skilled housekeeping team and all of the finest tools for the job, Rocky Mountain Manpower is committed to helping you maintain a truly comfortable indoor environment so that everyone can enjoy their stay.




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